Baby Survives Being Hit And Trapped Under Car

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One year old baby Ria from Ealing in London narrowly escapes being killed in a freak car accident in her own front garden. Ria was sitting in her Maclaren baby buggy while her granddad and mother were doing a spot of gardening. Ria’s granddad wanted to remove the weeds growing on the driveway and asked Mum to move the family’s Peugeot  206 on to the road in front of the house. It was then as mum engaged the clutch to find the biting point, that the unimaginable happened. The driver’s seat suddenly slid backwards and causing mum to press hard on the accelerator pedal and slip off of the clutch. The car lurched forward uncontrollably straight into the baby buggy, which was then pummelled through the garden fence with baby Ria still strapped inside it. The car only came to rest when the front wheel arch hit a fence post. The front wheel of the car to the horror and distress of Mum, was resting on baby Ria’s head.

Neighbours who heard the screams of panic stricken mum and the sickening crunching sounds of the car pushing the baby buggy through the wooden fence rushed out to help. The buggy was literally folded in half with a now motionless and silent baby Ria still in it. Neighbours had to physically lift up the front of the car to allow baby Ria to be gently removed from beneath it. It was only then that everyone realised that a miracle had happened.

Although baby Ria was unconscious, she was still alive and breathing.  She was rushed to hospital where she awoke and was treated for superficial scratches and bruising and kept under observation and tests for three nights before being given the all-clear to return home. A few weeks have passed since the terrible day and to the relief of her mum and dad, baby Ria does not have a scratch or blemish on her as a result of the accident. She has been described by friends and family as a miracle baby who had angels watching over her. When a baby survives something like this he or she is truly blessed and very very lucky.

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