Lewis Hamilton Gets His First “Miracle” Grand Prix Win With Mercedes

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28 July 2013. Lewis Hamilton gets his first “Miracle” Grand Prix win with Mercedes today in Hungary after claiming his season’s third consecutive pole position. Hamilton had set the fastest time yesterday during qualifying to secure his landmark 30th career pole position. He later said to reporters that due to the tyre problems his Mercedes team had been having this season, that he doubted very much that he could actually win the Hungary Grand Prix. Hamilton stated,

“We’ve got a steep hill to climb with these tyres in these [hot] conditions. If we did win, it would be a miracle.”

Hamilton may have been blessed with a miracle because win it he did!

Hamilton’s winning drive today was a testament to his racing abilities especially since this is his first season driving a completely new car with his new team Mercedes.  BBC commentator David Coulthard praised Hamilton during the with the statement,

“Hamilton’s drive so far has been like the diamonds in his ears – flawless!”

Lewis Hamilton pulled off two impressive overtaking moves on Mark Webber today on Turns 2 and 3 which contributed to Britain’s first Grand Prix win for the season.

The start of the race saw Lewis Hamilton leave the rest of the field behind with Vettel for Red Bull in second, Grosjean for Lotus third, Hamilton’s Mercedes team-mate Rosberg 4th and Ferrari’s Alonso in 5th.

After pitting during lap ten for harder tyres, Hamilton rejoined the race behind Jensen Button. By the next lap he overtook his fellow Brit to move up to seventh place.

Vettel who had been leading made his first pit stop in lap twelve to rejoin behind Hamilton and Button in ninth

By lap 21 Mark Webber who was yet to enter the pits was leading the race by 4.3 seconds with Lewis Hamilton in second and Button in 3rd.

Webber made his first pit stop during lap 23, giving Hamilton the lead. Vettel then manoeuvres past Button on lap 24. Button was then pushed out onto the grass by Grosjean while been overtaken by him and then Alonso.

By lap 31 Hamilton had managed to maintain a healthy race lead with Vettel 12.2 seconds behind him. He then pitted during lap 32 to return to the race in fourth place behind Webber.

On lap 34, Hamilton showed his driving superiority to skilfully pass Webber on the outside of Turn 2 to take third place. On lap 35, holders of positions one and two, Vettel and Alsonso, both entered the pit lane for fresh tyres which allowed Hamilton to take the lead once again.

By lap 45 Hamilton appeared to controlling the race with a 15.1 second lead over Vettel followed by Webber, Alonso and the Raikkonen in sixth position.

Hamilton needed to take a final pit stop during lap 51 and returned in third position behind Webber. Again on Turn 2, Hamilton caught up with Mark Webber on the outside and then breezed past him on the inside this time on Turn 3 to move up to second.

Vettel made his final pit stop during lap 55 which meant Hamilton was able to retake the lead yet again. Hamilton made sure he maintained focus and fast lap times while not being to hard on the infamous tyres to blow through the finish line 15 laps later punching the air as the winner of the 2013 Hungarian Grand Prix.




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