Nick Cannon Headlines Celebrity Anti-Bullying Movement

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It’s not every day that celebrities from all walks of life, both big and small, put their entourages, egos, and football field size movie trailers aside to join together for a common cause. But that’s exactly what happened when America’s Got Talent’s Nick Cannon, Emmy winner Kristen Alderson, 4-time Olympic gold medalist Lenny Krayzelburg and 16 other celebrities banded together to speak to students nationwide via Google Hangout about anti-bullying.

Who knew so many celebrities that we look up to were once ridiculed and tormented so bad by bullies that they almost didn’t come out of their shell to become the people we know today?

From first grade through high school seniors and from small classes of 5 in rural areas of Montana to auditoriums filled with hundreds of students in the suburbs, the kids took notice and according to their teachers, had lives changed when stars such as Orange is the New Black’s Tanya Wright, Guiding Light’s E.J. Bonilla, The Middle’s Brock Ciarlelli, Treme’s Colin Walker, Teen Beach Movie’s Chrissie Fit, Are We There Yet’s Coy Stewart, Granite Flats’ Ethan Ross Wills and newer celebrities such as the boy band IM5, Fernanda Romero, Ciera Danielle Parrack, Meital, Z LaLa and Internet sensation Doreen Taylor told stories of their own experiences being bullied.

Through the wonders and advances in technology and the hearts of the very celebrities the kids look up to, lives can be changed, bullying can be stopped and anything is possible.
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