Police Presence Felt At Notting Hill Carnival – (Video)

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Notting Hill Carnival 2013 opened yesterday with Children’s Day, bringing the streets of West London alive with Caribbean music, costume, dancing, and open air cooking. 100’s of 1000’s of people from all over the world visit the area for what is in fact Europe’s biggest carnival which has celebrated Caribbean culture in the UK for 49 years.


Notting Hill Carnival Policing Level Concerns

Millions of people over the years have enjoyed London’s carnival but many have expressed concerns over the imposing number of police dispatched to the event. This year has been no different as there have been numerous reports of uniformed police apprehending innocent carnival-goers in order to “bump and grind” and “wine and go down”.


Video Footage

There is even video footage of police this year attempting to incite dangerous levels of carnival frenzy by kicking off riotous and potentially illegal choreographed group dance moves in plain view of civilians. The Met has yet to comment.


Caught on Camera

Other photographic evidence of police harassment at Notting Hill Carnival has been posted all over the Internet, however due to the seemingly acceptant nature of the victims involved it is unlikely that any charges will be brought forward.

Notting Hill Carnival Police No Handed Arrest
Notting Hill Carnival police officer attempts no handed arrest of woman.



Notting Hill Carnival Police Grinds Girl
PC grinds innocent carnival girl down to the ground in broad daylight.


Female Notting Hill Carnival Police Restrains Man
Woman police officer restrains male carnival goer in a bear-hug while awaiting re-inforcements


For more information about the Notting Hill Carnival visit here.

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