Russia Averts War in Syria

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Civil war in Syria began to brew on 15th March 2011 when groups of Syrians decided that they’d had enough of the current government. The trouble started when protesters took to the streets to make it known that they wanted President Bashir al-Assad to step down from the presidency which has been held by his family since 1971 and continuously by the same Ba’ath Party since 1961.  The Syrian government responded with some pretty heavy handed measures to put a stop to the uprisings which involved mass arrests, police brutality and media censorship. Eventually the government began rolling out tanks and soldiers to encourage people to calm down, but this only led to many innocent civilians getting badly injured and others being killed. The government had quite a decent level of support until the point where people were getting killed. From then on however, soldiers and officers started to switch sides to help the demonstrators fight against the government.

Today Syria is in a bad way with so-called rebels splitting into separate entities and fighting amongst themselves, attacks including chemical weapons attacks against civilians which may or may not have been instigated by the Government and worst of all the threat of America or other UN members from some European states sending in troops to overthrow the Syrian Government.

By now you’re probably thinking “But this isn’t nice news”. Well the good news is that Russia with it’s UN power of veto and China who would probably do anything as long as it’s the contrary to what America would like are strongly opposed to and so far have successfully averted full scale global military involvement Syria to destroy al-Assad’s government.

After serious threats by America to start shelling down al-Assad in response to the chemical attack for which they attribute to him, Russian president Vladimir Putin has said well hold on a minute, the UN inspectors haven’t told us al-Assad is responsible, you can’t just go in all guns a-blazing. Russia proposed that Syria should hand over all of it’s chemical weapons to show the world that it is not the tyrannical government America is portraying. Last Friday, this proposal was accepted by the UN Security Council and has therefore avoided what many believe to be war on a world wide scale.

Let’s hope that Russia’s initiative buys enough time to allow Syria’s problems to be resolved before Big Brother decides to topple yet another government, leaving yet another country turmoil.



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