This Is Possibly The Most Honest Busboy In California

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The dishes can wait. A busboy who returned $5,000 lost by a 90-year-old customer will be recognized by the mayor at an Anaheim (Calif.) City Council meeting, police said.

“He’ll be honored for his act of kindness as well as his integrity,” Anaheim Police Lt. Tim Schmidt told The Huffington Post.

Felipe Perez, a father of five who takes the bus to work, was cleaning the bathroom of Keno’s Restaurant last week when he spotted an envelope containing $5,000 on the floor of a stall.

It was not my money,” he told CBS Los Angeles in the segment above. “How am I gonna keep it?”

Meanwhile, 90-year-old Warren Bloom was panicking. He had been carrying around the large sum for a while after withdrawing the money for someone overseas, Schmidt said. Bloom hadn’t delivered the money as planned because his daughter had uncovered an apparent scam and told her dad to keep the cash.

That same daughter was dining with Bloom at Keno’s the night he lost the money, according to Schmidt. When her father said he couldn’t find the envelope, she returned to the restaurant to discover that the cash was in safe hands. That’s when she called police — to let them know the city had one really honest citizen.

Bloom and Perez met a few days later so Bloom could thank him. A tearful Bloom, whose wife died in February, told the Good Samaritan in the video above, “There are good people in this world and you’re one of them.”
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