And The Winner is – The Blobfish

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The Winner is The Blobfish
The Blobfish

No, this is not West Ham United football manager, Sam Allardyce, (he has hair). What you are in fact looking at is a real, non-photo-shopped mugshot of a blobfish. He has been voted by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society as the world’s ugliest animal.

Sam Allardyce
Sam Allardyce – not a blobfish

Blobfish Lazy Lifestlye

The blobfish can be found around 800 metres deep below the ocean off the coast of Australia. He spends his whole time just floating around waiting for food to drift by for him to eat. The blobfish has no muscles so cannot do much more than float and eat. Although this blobfish has successfully fought off several other contenders for his sought after prize, his lack of facial muscles prevent him from expressing his inner joy with a big cheesy grin.

The Award Ceremony Video


Another reason for the blobfish’s down in the dumps look may be due to the pressure he faces on a day to day basis. At 800 metres below sea level the pressure really does feel like you’ve got the weight of the earth, or the sea for that matter on your shoulders. Not only does our blobby friend have the forces of nature to worry about, he is also at risk of extinction due to fishermen who’s nets often drag unsuspecting blobfish up with the tuna and snappers. The poor blobfish may well see the nets coming their way but again – no muscles – no escape. The Ugly Animal Preservation Society however are here to try to help these guys along with many other endangered animals that just aren’t as pretty as pandas and so don’t get any love.


The blobfish, for winning the Ugliest Animal award will be given the official title of Mascot of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society and a free makeover at his nearest department store beauty section.

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